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It’s All About the Coverages
or I Paid For That Liability Insurance‘ Why Didn't It Pay My Claim?
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ll llablllty pollnca ate not the Blanket watvet et sttlotegatten, Elanknl Lets asiumc yon don't lmvn that xcu
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puamvcly net. l’Ol|ClL‘~ ate And On And, by the way, tl1cIL"s a [M Wu an 811, Cfl a mm? win the
getttng tnete spnclfit wtth ehatge tet eaeh ttetn added And, by mwmd um? mg mmmuy, U .0 Y“

eaeh year that pt1~.~A's. rnee .-hepptng the way, Kl1L‘m's my personal tayente W are ham}! Y Dad to O ' ~
hem agent te agent t. not tn yent loe.t — "tlln eetnpany wan’! add a Blanket ) * 3 5 3

lnlltiltal an mom. Bu '|n an lmumncc Walvu. ” Well, now what? If nu iailed In call 311 in com liance

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po tey jllil te gett e t H gotng V V _ K with yont state law, and you hit: line
to blow “P In your fan‘ If |hm"s a 11'“ '’'’l"’ V“ d'°“g1‘“““” chwp" and get hllled ion the damages ttathet
,n.t heeame mneh tnete cxpcnalvc

elann yont baIg£un- Illan blown up!),
poltey wan’! pay lot. it will pnthahly
You really need an ; .4 have to eonte ont ni
agent whe ha. a lot . " u ynur poeket. Mmt
et Eu~IomL‘r~ that do ' state. now llavc
pmlty tnneh what yen V ‘ M, laws mqulnng that
de Aakmg a lnend W , _ yon eall and get a

et two tn yent ltne ‘ - l ‘V .‘_t_ ’ tlckct. If yen ate

of wotle at even a  ' . ' -. .5 ' tn ytolatton er the
eempetttet —who then _V_, \ _ . ‘ ' ' ‘''‘i — law, your ln~uranCc
agent h mtght help , \ eotnpany Wlll vmw
yen avold leat-ntng l tht. a. "uxpcctnd
the hatd way why an ' et mlcndcd," and
L‘xta\'t1lox'a pehey ha.- - , nepe, they won’!
dtiretent langnage V L ‘ _ pay. compante. ate
than a eat elealets 1' getttng mete and
poltey. l|’~ all about more ~'L‘n~ll|ve te
the eeyetage. 7 wlml _ V thee laws‘ a~ they get
h eeyeteel and what’. , ’ ’ pnt en the books, so
excluded (not covered). don't be aulpnsrd
Companlcstlmlwntc ‘1‘3’,‘f1‘;‘k“:‘E‘::‘j;[“O"f‘
a let of Ilium tn the “ham myou an
hntldtng nade. have apcclal ttetns when yon get thtongh paytng lot tllosc hh dwckm

wntten ntte then politics‘ that apply to addtnonal eovetage. tet that one lob * *

what you ate dotng — not the tlewet llkc tt all yeat that |S gotng te teqnne Dnl yen eall, but dtg bniure the

sllup ot eat dealet down the stmul Yon them. (No, yen tan’! tentoye them latet, mqulmd tnne wt1~ np7 Nope —ll1cy

ate net paytng extta tet the.e eeyetage. etthet, and get a refund. And no, yen wun’l pay. satne mason. That watttng
llkn you would lf you had a run of tlm dldn’l prlcc for Lllcm, utlucr, dld you’) pcrlod 1.5 {oz all of the Ulllllllta to be
mlll poltey that you had te cndune abln te mark then llnL‘~ whete yen have

« But, one of the must entteal [lungs yen
(add) the.~e nem. onto. The ptemnnn mdlcatcd that yen wtll be dtggtng se,
, want to be alo.—elntely eettatn l~' net ,
tntght be htghet getng tn, but yen wen t . tl yen dldn t allew them tnne te ntatk
eontatned tn your poltey t. the dmadcd —
anvre‘ anythtng wtth the low pnccd XCU E I _ 3‘ Una“ mm then and yon hn them — get yont
ntedel. ’ ‘P °’“”‘ 3 cltsckbuok (Ii yon dtg whete they ate
Collapse Tl1atmL‘an.s,baalcally, no _ _d t b b um um mm} 2‘
when yon get a lob [mm a tnatet eoyetage tet exeayatton tl nndetgtonnel E”}::f‘m:’W:'W:m1] on an M Wim
een.-ttnetton eempany, they Wlll l|nL‘~ ate damageel. ll yen ate dotng It rmglfit bf ,,cXPmcd—",, fan,‘ you?)
mqulrc .1 Ccrllficalc of Insurance Vfllll uxcavallun, ymfm nut cuvcmd li ll1l~ ’ ’
eettatn ~‘pL‘ElfiC language, and yen wtll Exeln.-ten l~ pmaent. (And tl yetn ll yen do what you're mqulrcd te do,
not begtn work nnttl they get tt Tl'1l~ poltey t. wntten thtengh El Cheape and IF yen have a poltey dL‘~lgnL‘d fur
apcnflc langnage t. what yen may cempany, lnc, tt Wlll delinttely be tn wlml yen do, yen wtll he eeyeteel. A
have te add te yetn El cheapo poltey thetell vw laeetle wlll neyet, eyet tntn tnto a
Cadlllac at the tlmc of an acndcnl.
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