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Haw lung haw _1/Lmbzen n csw 4 mumha.

whal du _l/nu like mas! abual yum jab? The fuendly envuunmem anal 1 get

tn talk to different people every day. 

My all-Illtlzfuvovlfe or lnelnur/zblt Iumtc rc'qut5;‘ was... when a lady called V
and started screaming and panicking and 1 had to tell he: tn keep ealm '

and Lhal Everythlng was ok _.

Hlmx do yua 5pem1 yam spare time?’ lhke belng with fnmlly aml irienda. ‘ ‘

whal anamy an you Ilka mos! l1boul‘yourseIf7 lam outgoing and hDnL‘~t ., \ '_ " l 
whal klmi cf musir do yau hslen #07 Hip l-lap, Mel; and Cuspzl. \\‘j;, _ ‘
whal IS yuurfrlzmrife mo!/1('.7 The Equallzcr. I 44‘ I -'
whal uln5 the lasl bunk yaa rmd7 my shade. Darknr ~ 

.o , .

WhcnIwl1sIib‘II,IwawIcd»‘o be... a phyutal thuraplsl. I
V‘/ha!IsH12lnosIImpal'Ml1IIcssLm yan have 1211711017 If you don't laeheve in »’ I

yeumelr, nnbudy wlll

Who has Iuzd me grcrlfcaf zvlzpacf un _l/um llfu7 My pilmnts. T“Q““I"*' Lam)’

Haw lung haw _1/uubemn CSR7 2 years.

l What du yam like must alam yaw [D177 My cneworkers are amazing
people. ll makes commg |o work a yoyl
V My all-lune /Iwonfe lzr luzlmmzble Iumfe r('quz5t1l1l1s...Lhe taller whu said

to go wc~'l for 300 feel and lhen go east fur 300 feet. He didn't say an .

thc appunle nae ui the mad so l was hameal for aeeonel ~

Hlm do yua 5;lem1 ylmrspme time?’ 1..-penalume zxpluring the wurld wnh -

my boylxiznd, Dale, and emoyang my chlldrzn and grandchildren as y

much as posalblz‘. y __
wlm qmzllfy :10 yea Ilkc unasl abanl aurselfl l like my pemnahly lean ‘= 1 .'
get along with anyone anal make flue he.-l ui any nluauan. ,4 .
wlm kmd af musir do yau listen my l like all types nf mIx~‘K, but [mainly

listen to am rock. .

wlml .5 yuurfnvorift manic? sleel Mngnullas ‘(V V . ‘ V V» :
whal uw5 the lasl beak ya" man? Asylvin Day bank (blush) ‘
Whmlwl1sIih‘I(',Iwnllfm1m he... an accountant

whnl I5 me most uapmlanl lesson yyn have lel1med7 Do not lakc anything Yvonnn Tooley

ur anynne fur granted, because une day it could all change.

Wha has Iuzd me greatest impact on yam I)/E7 My grandmother. she has a

huge fnrnlly and a let nf have In glve In each member uncondmonally.

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