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any penple wlll ask why buIL‘~," 01' bnnng tnto othet ttttltttes
l atn wnlmg an atttele olnnng tlte bore ptneess. Most tat tt
about "dxrecfionnl httttttg," (Enters on the "cross‘ bares" mvulving
and even tnote wlll ask natural gas ltnes ltetng pttlleol back
how l ean detetnttne if tt ts betttg thtttngh sewet systems, patttenlatly
done eneteetly. Pmbttbly very gnotl ~t1n|tt1ry senet systems. Thete have
quL‘~tlon~ Mmt people dun’! know been tnnlttple tnstnnee. nt 1'1D|l~1‘/
that l ~pcnl qntte .t htt ot tttne tn tlte bulldmg etplnstons attttltnted to
ennstntetton field tn my pteytons ltte "C!Oa~ bares " Scvcml stone. have
(yes, I had annthet ltte pttot to eotntttg been pttbltshed about gas ltnes betng
to Work at the Alabama Publlc semee tlnntngetl when plurnb|ng entnpante.
conttntsstonl. A good poxtmn of that attempt tn ttnelog a sewet that l~ nnt
ttnte was spent nn tolts tltnt tnvnlyed tlnnntng eotteetly The eqntptnent
"dlrcclmnal bunng," whclhcr by the they ttsed ettt the gas ltne nntl the
' ' etews at tlte eotnpnny I worked for gas followed tlte sewet ptpe tnto the
|rect|ona   lnur
wttnessed sntne gond praCllC(‘~, nntl ttte. The ttp on ptopet plnnntttg tntght
- sntne nnt so good ptaettees, by the have alleviated tht. ptnltlent. Tltete
B O  n g etews making tlte bores l have seen ate entnpnntes now that do plollmg of
ltnttng Crcw~ abmll to put tlte tnd. ~I:WL‘r systetn. pnnt tn ltottng ptnteets.
. tn the gtnttntl Wltllnul yentytng the They tnsett mbouc eatnetas tnto the
D 0 n e R I  ttntletgtottnd ttttltttes they had to etnss ~nWL‘r tnntns attd latetals tn detet-tntne
l have wttttessetl a ltote that tesnlted tlepth and tn yenty tt thete ts any
tn the bunng head lteentntng ~L‘pzu'att:d prc-Cxhllng damage. lt the bonng
ttont the tnds nntl the opetatot haytng etews wtll ptopetly lnente and chuck
, _ to tty tn run the tnds back tn the hole the tlepth of the ~I:WL‘rlt1lcmLs pttnt to,
iv, l and hook up In the bum head (and and dttttng the burl‘, these tnstanees
. tnttaenlonsly ~ucCut:dlng «A that the ate pteventahle Many states nnw
‘ g _ ltnte head wt1~ nnt lost). sn, yes, l have ntnntlnte that the opetatnts rcvmw
had some etpettenee wtth dtteettnnal all pmvlolls ltntes and vnnfy that no
r 7 ltnnng; ttot all good, but nnt all bad "etos. bores" exhl nt that tentetltatton
I ’ i etthet ts petrntaned on those that do ettst.
V ““ v-’-5 lwnnld ptopnse that the ntnst gnsttttng that the eantpntent l~ tn
‘T t ‘ . tntpottnnttaslt .t cmw ean |akc pttnt gnntl npentttng condmon and that the
to bunng l~ ptnpet planntng e enlltng ptopet "mud" nttttttte ts hetng nsed
wwslluwnes tn a vlablc ltne lneate tot the speettte ts alsn a htgh pttnnty ttetn dttttng
‘W'"’ 5“ ‘’'P=’'"= 59"” aten of work; knowlng whete you ate tltteettonnl botes If the tnttd ts nnt of
"“‘"'"= "“""=5W'>= °°W5W gntng tn statt and the tnttte you wtll the ptopet ct.m~'l~tuncy, tt ean etente an
be fnllowmg for the enttte pmjctl; hnw eteesstye pttll on the ptpe and eanse
yntt ate gotng to get thete by knnwmg the eqntptnent tn Wuik ltatdet than
what ts tn the way and what the actual tt shuuld to rnakc the pull-back. Tno
depth nt all otateets ate lty pnteholtng nt nntelt ptessttte an polyethylene plastte
y.tettntn.eteay.tttng eaeh nne; tnalnng ptpe ean eattse "neck.Ing” nt the pipe
eettatn that all pettntts ate teeetvetl 7 n 4" ptpe can stttldenly beennte 2" 01’
and ate approved and tn the ease at less dtte tn the I:XCr:~s|Vc pnlltng rntee
thttthpatty ennttaetnts, tnnlttng sttte steel ptpe ean blxomls ~tuck attd ennse
that the ptneedntes that the npetntot tlnntnge to the eqntpntent tt etees.
has tn place tnt sneh pmjetb ts ettttent totee eonttnttes to he npplted.
“"1 "“ 'h“ ‘‘’b ‘“° “" "‘“‘"“‘° by “" wtth all the ttntletgtonnd tnttasttnetnte
the Workch. lt ts tntpottnnt to lake H‘ 1 d V _ k _ f d
the ttnne to do tt ttght — do not get tn a “‘ “ M 3 °‘‘*‘‘' ‘“ ‘"5 “ ‘“ C “"
ml‘ to get the ‘ab Completed mhapg entteet tltteettonnl hote ts beennttng
_ |nCrct1~1nglyd1ffiEul( But tt ean he
the tnnst tnnpnttant thtng ts pruvldmg
dam: and done sneeesstnlly. Makc snte
ptnpet ttatntng rnt the ltnttng Crew «A that V f H V m 1
that eneh petson hnnws thett tndtytdnnl >°‘"_‘°"‘P"“Y " ‘’‘“° ° ‘",',‘P “
_ _ eteed nt do tt ngltt the tttst tttne.
tespnnstlttltttes and evetynne ts on the L , I k d _ bl‘
same page to make n sueeessfttl and “‘ ‘ ‘?°‘ ‘_‘“’“ }"“"“‘ “’ ““ P°”f‘ ‘
We bum etplostons Wll tnptttes and lnss of
hie tn Alahnntn. Let s have dtteettonal
Thete ts tpttte a lat of d1~C|H~1on gntng bunng done ngltt. .
on aetos. the nnuun tegntdtng "CzO~‘~
s . Alabsmasll 2017 tsstte

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