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“Pu blic perception may be more important than regulatory requirements"
ecentl v l was rlvllc ed to | L‘llrIC~ ear ln man ' dlfferenl klnds lniormatlon Re ortln Tool), (lama e~
) P S P P W E ) P S K
have Roger Cox (a wondertrrl ot products. The PSR~ only apply to to unrlerground utrlrtres today are less
man, a true learler rn damage speerhe types ot prpelrnes For example than halt what they were to years ago.
preyentron, presrdent ot ACTS water and sewer lrnes are prpelrnes but but they are strll oeeurrrng. Eaeh and

and a dear fllcnd) rn the audrenee as l the PSRs do not apply to water and every one or the desrgnated stakeholder
presented a short preee tllled "Plpcllne sewer lrnes. Leaks and ruptures behave groups eontrnues to be atteeted by
Potpounl" at the mpelrne satety ta very rlrttereutly rlependrng on what rnerdents assoerated wrth prpelrnes
Awareness crrueal lnrlustry sumrnrt at rs rn the lrne. Natural gas, erude orl, and, for that matter, rlamages to other
rhrs year's Common Ground Allranee pmpanc, gasolrne, dresel tuel and many undergrounrl utrlrtres.

(CGAD CUn\:CnUOn. I had talked a other gasses and llqulds are all canted what doc; an “M have to do Wm‘

tew mrnutes about var-rous prpelrne by prpelrnes but behave very dlffemnllv

' ' publle pereeptlnn and regulatory
regulatory rssues, rneludrng prrblre when releaserl trorn a prpelrne ‘ K N _l ‘h _ Th H d _
erlueatron programs. Roger and l were ‘“q““”'““ ‘ I“’ “ C P“ ‘C °°‘
The eornmon message tor all — no not know the regulatory requrrements
ehattrng atterwards and he mentroned
matter what rs rn the lrne, rt you and rt rhere rs property rlamage,

that one of my bullet pornrs resonaterl

WM‘ hm‘ That bum Wm is ‘ht mm of reeognrze a leak or a prpelrne rupture envlmnmemal rrnpaet, or rt someone
Hm Nude 1. DO NOT ao allykhillg that wallld gets lntonvcnlunccd, rnrrrred or

’ ‘ cream a spark arsoaree a/rgaruorr. krlled and a prpelrne rs susperted, the
The re laUOII~ ui concern were 2. Get awn am it - :4 wind DY l ellne wlll et blamed. If Llte lncldent
2:“ y .1! P P P g
the | ellne safe! re lallon~, 49 u hlll av cnau h that all camllat wlll sell an tlme or news a ens,
P P Y S“ V K V P P

CFR Parts 190 -99 <Psl<s). Lrke many hear the mzisz, sec or smell the the tourth estate (the press) wrll get
regulanons — and vlnually all satety sllbstmlce escaping, or, r‘fr't is lnvulved The taets and the regulatrons
regulauons — the PSR~ establrsh lormrirrg, a safe alrstarree from the beeome lnelzvanl. Any eorreetrons
mrnunum reqrurements: what rs the flames. 3. mal 911, L-xplmn yaur or retraetrons wlll get burred rn the
mrnunum that a prpelrne operator has clmcems, artafallow inslrucrimls. newspaper and probably never

to do to be ”legal?” The Psks are not, rtrrally, 4. 1/ you know who the mentroned on the news.

ln my oprnron, wrrtren tor the ”gnod" pipeline operator is arra how to Th d _l [11 I ‘ N
prpehne operators, they are wrrtten to clnltact them, call the plpelma I °d‘;'C"ff§ufu Vljfgajgijfn dfm
grve regulatory ageneres enough tools apcmtln: P P * >

‘D W ‘ht ,.bad,, PIPE,“ Dpmmn to and the eost of energy wrll have been

‘ _h d whar rs the brggest problem wrtlr l’AP~? needlessly rnereaserl.

"“"“"‘ °’ ” ‘“ °"""‘ ln mv oprnron rt rs gerung people 5

Parts of the PSR- requrre prpelrne (stakeholders) to lrsten l-eople rn SAFE” PAYS"

operators to pmvldv: rntorrnatron to general (atteererl publre) have therr lrrres

speerhe stakeholder groups (atteeterl to lead unless they have had a problem [alm rcllmtl/ram PHMSA and ls earrratly
publrc, eleeted otnerals, emergeney wrtlr a prpelrne or know someone who Vlcc Prt*slttlt'l1I0/Pl;1t’llllt' system Cam;lll—
responrlers, and erearators) at has, the general publre rust does not ante and 0;lemIwlt5 Srlvlccsfor c2 I’/1rI—
mrnrrnum trequeneres (trom annually care and has better thrngs to do. The ,,.,,, LLQ [»_m,-.,[ ,.,t,,, ,,e.,hrtrey2,,,,e.,,,,

ro onee every three years). These same goes tor polrtrerans Emergeney

parrrerrlar requrremenrs are what is responders are typreally sornewhar

ealled m the prpelrne rndusrry (and rn more eoneernerl but they have so 2 1 4 9 1 3 5
g1AeP[’SR) Publle AVt'al'EnL‘~s‘ Programs at malny (filler ll’alIIln‘g l'EqulrCd|'l1I;‘l'Itl~, 9 3 V 1 2 6 4 7

s. un  rere  can lnulng e uca Ion
The WP“ of Pm  m mm cmdlt connected to the me llal~un, flflllfl
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....r..t..a.t 'hLv-PL""*%='~-5"?“ '.: HIDE 3 2 In
due to other pxlomles. Excavators are 3 : 

3"‘ P‘P“"““°‘ “W M“ ‘W’ “’1“"“‘° harrl to reaeh beearrse rt rs a hrghly 9- 3

'1*=—v‘°°“*k=v ‘~'1“"~*"'1*°mt WW compelltlveficld andtllere 3 —= flflflfl
are they, what happens when they leak h ,, ,, g 9

enoug trrne to eall betore you drg 3 2 7
or rupture, what should be done lf they I , E y . 2
or many re the ~mallLr excavators 

‘wk °’ "‘l"‘"“7 0"“ 1“‘g° P"’b'“"‘ " laesrdes rt wrll never happen to me.’

that than are «D many dliferent has of V V gnaan

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