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Barron Jefferson — Lmeman. Power Deltvery V _ w .1

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Here are a few very important things you _

Color codes ior markmg
should know about underground power ,,m,g,°un,, ufimy Hm
lines and how to work safely around them.

More ano more power nnes are being ouneo unoergrouno. Tnrs wtut. Proposed excavalton
poses a considerable tnreat for ootn construchon workers and
do—\t—yourseflhomeowners. Even \lyou're undertaking a seemmgly
. harmless Job‘ suon as dtgging a hole a Te,,,p,,,a,y sway mamngs
4 for a new lence‘ tne risks are sml
- r tnere.
2. . Elecmc power hnes, cames,
‘ y 1 . Ymfve probably heard the "Call condmlandllghllng comes
Q. oetore you mg“ mantra many hmes.
" "\ But take tl to heart‘ notntng good Gas OH mam pmleum
E " W. happens when a shovel plunges mto mgésegms ma;e"a,s
.n t - ; alive power line.
. I I
.  u .‘\v-»:.-.. Tne number to call us easy to communrcations.a|armor
V  9- n -
”- ’-rrv~> ‘ .- remember: 811. Call, prelerably 45 5'9"3“"‘95-°3b‘95°”°"°“"
nours m advance ot your protect, and
tne represemalwe wm nomy all me Pmamewm
appropnate tmlltles. Pretty easy.
soon atter me call‘ various techmctans wm come out ano put Reclaimed Wm W am
ootoreo spray palm In tne places where tnere are hnes. At ngnt ts M andsmyfines ‘ 9
a enart to explain whtch one Is wmon.
Please lake tnts Simple step belore 0 Be.f°'e you mg: Gm" Sewersand dram
otggtng. M's easy. Ano tt‘s free. You'!! Dlal 811 ‘Ines
save a not of headaches—and maybe ,. ,
even your hfe.
In anemergency, cal|:1-800-833-APCO (2726) » Alabama POWGF g
I f For more eleclrical safety tips, visit A| S

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