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the ealendax, that laalxol. ean he mnductnd
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dogwood~ axe buddlng and about to - due to lhc ability to uxxlee xhe mum
bu.-l enl —yct we .ull havc lhmr: week. : that they axe following Thx. vldcu
belexe Lhc offlclal "~'lan"of~'prlng.S1_» . Cvldnncc ean be vexy Iwuful xn

_ _ wlml xlue. tlu. havn to do wltll plpclmv: : dctcrnun-us If Pmlm l>m<vdum>
Pl  I n e .a£ely7 Human namxe dxelale. that , wexe [ullowcd by the uxtavamr
honxeonnex. and uxhex. axe gmng xo - whxle wuxklng around the lae.lxlxe..
bngln gullmg xhexx .-hovel. and other _ mbhc Awmnm WWW
dlgglng uxen.xl.- (mtludmg lxaekhoe., . ‘
mandatkd for natural ga. and
xxenehex. and HDD maehxne.) xeady -
. hazaxden. llquld opexaxex., ean be
xo .—xaxx dlggmg Thx. leaxl. u. back to _
- u.ed by all xype. of Ilndugmund

pxpelxne .a:exy and .a:exy en any lypc . “Puma” to mums ‘he mm‘

of nndexgxound laexlxxy. we neexl to '

. pepulaee of what to lonk for ll lhey
en.uxe that all dlgglng .. xlune .alely , W Mmmm bu“ mdumd
‘ ‘ and that all upexalox. axe awaxe ui . fhm w W?“ 1M$lmhC “bk
all aenvxlxe. golng on amund thclr ' kn Ph 5 ‘ ’ P
. - ow w at underground raexlxne.
' ‘““"“‘°"' ' axe located |n lhexx axea and whexe
’ one of Lhc lae.x pmvnmatlvc mea.uxe. . zhe.e undcxgmund raexlxne. mlghl
,— I xe lake x. to make .uxe all empleyee. - be leeaxexl. Alabama 811 and
. hm ,0 ,_,,,..,b,1,, , m Wank... ' elhex .xakeholelex. mnduct pulxlxe
I . xeahze x p ) g _
‘ M4  wlml .. happumng xn lhclx axea, . an»axene.. .e..-mn. lhxoughout the
' ‘ ' ‘I , whexhex they axe on the ,oh ex not. Even : .laxe Lhat axe xle.xgned xe entourage
‘ - xx they axe not an lhe eloek and axe .u.l . evexyene lo eall an pnor to any
WW H J ndlng axennd en xhe weekend, xhey - lypc ofL‘x:a\'x1l|()n Educating lhe
‘ “E “"5 need to be awaxe of whu x. cundlltlmg ' exeavaxex. ean enly pxeve to be an
f,’,m’,"sf,Wf;”S;N,:";aZmmn exeavanun aezmlxe. xn lhmr axea and : a.-.ex lu zhe epexalux.. A pmpcxly

eh.exve xl any maxklngs axe ln the : educated excavator wlll be le.-.

axea to denexe xx Alabama 811 ha. _ llkcly to damage an undugmund
been nollficd. If nxaxkxng. axe evxdenl, . [aclllly beeau.e he wlll knew hew xe
x.- xhe excavator working wnhln xhe ' aaicly mnduct in»

"‘°‘“““““ f'’"‘‘'' ‘“'‘‘l‘ "‘°°}‘“""““‘ - Educallun lex xhe general pulxlxe,
equxpmenx It only lake. a few mxnuxe. .

. employee. of underground facility
xe ~tup by a ‘ob me and eheek on _ _
. opexaxux. and exeavalex. x. the mo.x
how «he excavator .. conductlng Lhclx .
emnenx method of protecting tlm
aexnnne.. If pmbIcm~ axe eneounxexezl,
underground ranlxne. ln xhx. ~'katn
a .-hen phone eall le on-eall pex.ennel
Educallun x. eheap compamd to xhe

°““ b“ “‘“““‘ “’ }““"‘ “’"‘“°““ °" °‘“‘3’ exennal ee.x. nnxh a
eheek oux the cxcavauon .xxe. Tlu. .hexx E d f ’1 ’ A d , U h 1

“U h __ __ _ d amagc aexxxy n Itvu cplo
. pmlg xpxevema.exxeu.xnex cut 1‘ , 1 M , f ,
hm a u\ lam xxe ye... | ny e an xnxuxy

* ex xleaxh to xho.-e m the axea of Lhc

Conductlng penodxe panel. en the damaged faclllty Safety axnund
undugmund raexlxne. x. another plpehne. and otlmx underground
pxevenlanve mnthod xhax ean be zaexlxne. x. lhe mam oblccuvc 7 kcnp
u.ed to watch for pe..xlxle excavation cvcryvm‘ ~af= and able In Mum
damage. to underground raexlxne. and heme eaeh day. Lev. talk .-aiery;
en.uxe pxpelme .a:exy. The.e paxxol. lev. pxaenee .arexy, Int’. 1:: .a:e ln
axe moxe .-peexlxeally geaxed toward all we do axound p|pL‘llnL‘~ and all
walthlng lex pu..xble .nxxu.xen. lnto unlxne. 3

lhe undc xennd raexhne. and axe

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