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' V Re lster For Our Free
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' Web Tlcket Ent Portal
Elucncdt ycvstiucl hunt with mi otn-mrovsfilr a mark Vmr imkt‘ r..irr_r.i...y 

one department was able to use the dunatlnn to aoldress 1 =_ _— ‘ ‘ ‘
some very critical pliimliing issues they were having at their 34- . ‘ V — ;
station Another was able to use their elonation money towanl E: ' —
piirchasing high-visiliility jackets. The APACT program will re ~VvV~ 4 V ~-
continiie this tor the iiproming 2017 meetings, which will ‘
liegin in liily.
The APACT program is also looking torwarel to two ' V ,
new aelolirions tor the 2017 meetings. in rive ot the 16 V V — a a a — V
meetings that will be held m the areas m at am-tad Mabtle,  si i s inst. rertai   ai i  24 hours ..
Montgomery, Blnnlngham, Decatur/l-liintsville, anel Jul ,i 7 d_wa' s wed: Thv: Ll:-(rs tvet, Purlal lug in “'1” lllluw
Tuscaloosa. instead of the nurmal sit-down meeting, APACT HCLCSS VD it».iiort»s- on this lvlubllc app as ,,. t-ll Tu learn riiore
will lie partnering with Enerteeh anol the local operators to fbflut htt'«lt;*‘l»l ‘eke —ttl\itt=:atil— vi ttgtiggeut ‘sir-t_t-It’. stnajpysr aw
protliice a live anol interactive mock line strike emergency. L‘,’P“['L‘, "SW"LI’d":(;‘d“;) ," “' ““ “ W" “S “ ““‘ ‘§“
These mock line strike: will cover all the same baseline
messaging reoiiireol eaoli year, but will lie able to :10 this in ,_ »  ..  . g _ , .» ,.   , . , ,,
a more hanols-on learning environment. APACT is hoping  " “°‘°““thmV’*.7¥“fi"w‘*k~’3‘9“rB¢"‘mh“
this will generate some buzz anol ]usl otter these areas a little ‘K313!
something elitterent. If all goes well, in 2018 the program will
try to bring the strikes to five elitterent regional meetings. A
meal will still he provitleel, as well as a tollow-op olisciission Top Reasons to use the Web Portal...
anel presentation aiter the mock line strike olemonsrration.
The seconel aolelition that is in the worlo tor 2017 is a <> Avoid spending Illllleccssllry time on the phone.
partnership with the Alaliama Fire college, where they will Va r We ‘5 “MW US,”

__ _ . . . . |l . o the weo eortat allows yoi. to
atatst m prev-na a tram-rt: Dfficer at each of the 15 mtthr-as ooietiy aoo aetoratety soorriit your octets rather than erpiain
helol, and thatottirer will present the pipeline ernergeney who you are and where van waatto wnrk.
response and prooliiet characteristics portion of the program
Having‘: certitieel trainer and emergency responoler <> submil mm D" W" W" “M
presenting that portion ot the presentation will he a great
arldition. The Fire college will also he provirling a more in- Nlnt anlvés vow tme ;¢al-gage‘, titty you hav: a husv day ahead

. . . . o o... ustn e e o a, ootaoe oose oorrrios

olepth set ot pipeline eniergeney training courses anol will have mfvemenj mfm mm“ M” ‘_}mmam_ V

the opportunity at each meeting to promote this program.

Alabama 811, in partnership with the APACT operators, is <> U“ “R mm mp: “S “R Mmm_ 81 1 mm ms
looking torwarol to another year of the program. anol wants to '
invite any zxcnvatur/utlllty person, emergency responeler or Slate W” are lacking at the same maps, vau1| tae state to mark

. . . . . ynurawn work area, aao na none krmws ynur work area oettar

piihlic oiticial to participate in 2017 your attenelance is vital W” W

in making siire that everyone sately lives anel wurks aroiinel

these iinolergroiinrl tarilities. ¢ Mm Cmmmmm

The 2°17 "M": dates are being finalized 3"“ shmld By identifying yattr awn wark area aorioao gels Ins! in the

lie available soon. The tlates anol meeting locations. as translation. '

well as other important year-roiinol intoraiation shoiilel

he posteol lay April 1 on the APACT welosite, at www. <> H pm You in mmpm mm”
apaetpipelineawarenessmni W

Th woarti r totr lulllke v

Far  lnfurlmlfitm an the pmgmm, the mock Iiucs 5i‘nI<:5 a. other ei.§ao§or§r ?sTo‘o‘.r‘§o§ as°o ”fo‘3.”oi.‘r..Z ,t ”“ “”
aarstioiis or corirrrris, plmaz mums! M£Kx1_l/ Lyiiers with Alatarria

311 at mIyver5@i' or 205-557-5737.

2017, issoe 1 Alabama arr . 5

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