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g By an Nlglvswunger
hmuglluul my localmg years, For Example: ln rdeal eondurous, you - eonsrder Deteeuon Mode Scllmg
rt's been my upmlon, and l would ehoose a low range ircqunncy Pcak, Null, Drreenonal, srngle Peak
Ihlnk nthnr lncalozs would applred by drren eonneeuon to an
_ _ - srgnal ~tmngLh level at top dead
agme, Lhat ln rdeal eondnrons above gmund aeeess pmnt tn the ‘ (TDC) f _. 1

the task of lrne lncnllng is pmlty eul underground hne we eonsrder this ““ “‘ ° “'5'”

and dry You apply slgnalmg curmm target shoonng the undexgmund hne - dueenonal urdreauon of TDC, Lem
lo a burred target hne wlneh ereale. .1 Hlglmr rangc rrequeney semng~ are Rnghl Armw~ or Drreenonnl Needle
srgnnl field whreh rs broadcast out from great for solvrng problem. when ldeal _ _ I _

your targeted hne. onee n good signal cundlliom do not exist However, *’*’“’““"‘Y/3“'“ “‘“"5

field rs cmatnd, flndlng the signal field higher fiequeneres may erente problems . “gm; c.,,m,..1m;

and Iraclng the field beeornes easrer by bleed ofi to other lmes m the area, ,

and easrer wrth praeuee. Teehnleally, we ereanng mulnple srgnals whreh eonruse ' °"““'““°" '"d"“"°"

locate the (up dead eenler of the nreular both equrpment readrngs and user. so 1-“get um C]-Iaraderislks

field, whreh should be loealed dlmclly high rrequeneres enn be viewed in .1

above the buned target lrne. [arm or target shoolrng with a shot gun ' me of target hne

But li you are responsrble for hne “ Y“ ’° “°‘ ““““" "°“ ‘““" }“‘ ‘“°’° ' ermduehvhy of target hne

than one target wrth your blast

‘mung and have eneoumered Pmhlem - eleerneal eontmurry of localablc
loenres, you are not alone. Locating Gather infm-mntian atband 5 mason mm“

problem. am erealed by ~lle eondrtrons _

‘hm am not Mm mm“ 41 mm Gather rnzormanonrrom Trammlncr, , depth 0, ‘ht mm mm

mm, ‘mm mm mmpemmn WE Reeerver, sue condrnons and system

Mapplng. The setnng. and rendrngs - we of bhckfill hm-Ind the hue

been to had a spenal clmllcnge ealled mllabk to W b W! mmmmer 4 4 4

"The Locale from Hell.” Y —"> ‘ Site Conditions

and reeerver wrll depend on the brand

Solvlng lrne locatlng problems reourres and model of locating rnstrumenr you - loennon of mole ugns of unhues
mawnlng to deterrnrne Ihn eause of the have avmlable. _ ml mndmD“4_

P‘‘’‘’'°"‘ “‘ '“““5 “‘“"“ ‘° ’°"’“ ”‘° Gather infannutum [mm rtsaurces at >

problem. You have to use your eyes and hm'_ - loennon of aeees. puml

bmm. The [int slep to solvlng a hne ' _ ‘mum of mm on mum flake
luczmng problem would be to step back Transmitter ‘ P ‘ '3’ 5 ’

and lhmk about It. stan gathenng all _ d . presenee of otlmx buned lmes in
the infnnnalinn known to you at this °“‘P“‘ °“"““‘ ‘“ ‘"3 the area

pom! - apphed power level/volts _ mbls common bmdmg M U‘

A gwd undehtanehnz of the theory of - erreurt/loop resrsmnee/olrrn. other lmes

how lucalmg equipment work~ and the .

llmllatlom of the technology rs ennml ' frequent)’ selhhlz ' h>P~"de me‘-=1hC "bl““°

for ~olvmg hne locating PY°b‘““" - method of signal appheanon System Mapping

The more you under.-land about

haw ;m..,,g cq.,.p,,.m. W0,“ the - placement of ground ~Iakc - General area of hne nannally not
greater your ehanees of sueeess when Remwe, WW" "1 ml“

troubleshooting This lniormatlon rs . mm, ,,,Ea,.,,o,,.em, .91,“ (mm a
needed to help deterrnine the possible - Nate the number and lumen of known P0,...

eondruons that £xl~t whreh may be all «shah deiened on site while y

cmatlng the problem at hand vczfunnlng a usual ~'Weel> and ' Numb“ °‘ "W “' ‘h‘ M“

seareh of the srte.
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