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Pipeline i-ighls-at-way niiist be kept nee tioin stnietoies and ethei obstniotions tn pmvide aeeess to the pipeline toi
maintenance, as well as in the event ot an eineigenoy. If a pipeline cmsses yoiii pmpeny, please dn not plant tiees oi laige
shnibs on the iight-ot-way. Do not dig, biiild, stoie DI’ plaee anything on oi neai the nghts-of-way withoiit tiist having the
pipeline company/s peisonnel inaik the pipeline DI’ stake the i-ights-ot-way and explain the eoinpany's mnstniotion and
easeinent ieoiiiieinents to ynu.

We Need Your Help

The nation's iniiastnictiiies, including pipelines, are a niattei Di national security If ynu witness siispioieiis aetivity on a
pipeline i-ightot-way, please iepoit it to the appiopi-iate authnrlfies as sunn as possible, DI’ you may call the pipeline opeiatei's
numbels. Thieat advisoiies may be toiind at the Depaitinent ot Hoineland seoiii-ity's website aiwwdhs. gm}/l1hSpXIN1C.
Transmlsslon Plpellne Mapplng

The us. Depaitnient er Transpunatmn's otiioe et Pipeline satety has developed the National Plpelixle Mapping system
(NPMS) to pievide intoiination abuul gas tiansniisn-ion and llquid tiansinis.-ion opeiateis and theii pipelines. The NPMS

web site is seaiehable by zip mde DI’ by oininty and state, and can display a miinty inap that is piintable. FD!’ a list at pipeline
epeiatois with pipelines in yeiii aiea and theii mnlact intennation, go to WWW Vlpms phiiisa.dat.goi7. opeiatois of piodiietion
taoilities, gas/liquid gathei-ing piping and dislributlnn piping, ate not iepiesented by NPMS noi ate they ieoiiiied to be.
Awareness is the key to pieventing pipeline aeeidents You ean oono-ilnite to the satety and security otyoiii neighboihood

by kxlowulg wheie pipelines aie, and knowing how to ieoognize iinaiithoi-ized activity oi signs of a leak, as well as how to
iespond in the ease et a pipeline aecident. Pipeline (‘Dmpames continue to some to be good neighbois, and lust like any good
neighboihood watch piogiani, neighbois look out tei each Dthel. Ioin in with the pipeline Companies In keep out tainilies sate. .

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