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are unawam 0fV\'|’\E|KUK1'\L‘Yf£|Cl1lKlC5 may I
be In me area rmrsldo or me member.

notlficd through Alabama am, so thcy I I

an M Mm, M WM CM m mm‘ H‘ labama 311 has been operating smee 1975 and |S one al me
adrlmrm, many om or snare r:x:zl\'amr~' °‘d“°‘ °"“ “"11 °‘“‘*“‘ “' 9“ "5

am Md to having a|1fa<|||t>'v>wncr~' Alabama 311 ls a non-pmfil 5U1(c)6 memberslnp argamzanon
lmrlmlmtv In «ale 811 lamsm-m and governed by a board al dlreelors fxom its utility memberslnp.
assume that |t as me same m cvcry srale I I I

Whm, my m,,k Alabama 311 sennees over 400 underground faclllty Dwnezs aeross


llm is how aasa it is to begin your I I
,,,2,,,,,m,,,r,, ml ’,,,,,m’,,,,I, WM Alabama 311 you process more man 500,000 loeale reqnesls In 2015 nns
Am,,,,,,,, 311, averages to more man 2,000 laeales per work olay

. D,,w,,k,,,d mcmba,,1,,P ,,,;(,,,,,m,,,,, Alabamasnls avenge answer time as less man 30 seeonrls and me

at ",,mII,,,m mm, average me lo proees. a laeale reanesl Is less man 2 mmales.

. Cumplckc mu I,PP1,cI,,,,,,, mudcd ," Nearly bal/alAlabama 011's member fafillty companies bay me

am. Wm and mm,“ H, Alabama my mlnllmurl;‘z:lle$§f03:I)20 per year. Over 75% al Alabama 811 s members

a essl an , a ear

- Exccutc me mcmbL‘r~hlp agrccmcm P Y Y

Wm, Pm, M “mm, mqum.mL,m,; Alabama 311 processes loeale reqne.-rs 24 boars a day/7 olays a wank.

. 5ua,,m ,.m,m mm ,,,;,,,mm,,, Alabamab law reamres a two working day nollee for routine excavation
mlams m your u,,dC,Em_md fm,,m,I U, acllvlty lo allow laellny owners time to maxk men lanes.

whm‘ you want kl rtmvk‘ r-on-‘it-‘Hon A Karate request is good far 10 wnrkmg days. If me excavation wlll

of CXCW-m0" MUV“'=>- “M an bk‘ C‘-5 eannnue beyond that palm, me reanesl should be updated to let me
data or h-xhhshl »~=n'lcL‘ -M-I ml» iacllity owners know mal work as .-ull cummulng and mey ean remarle
- Esrabllsla eommameanon. wlkh If neremry»

Alabama 811 to rcwvv your 10¢-11¢ raarlny awllers wlll mark melr lanes up to me meler or dzmark loeanon.
rvzlumt nonficxmor->l Anything beyond mas point (i e water lme lo a house) belongs to me

. Sam I, .muP dam prooeny owner and will not be marked as part of me 811 process by me

laellny owner.

Alabama 2lll's mlssmn h to pmvldc all I I

Wm. ,,m.,m1 m,m,mm,,, ,.mm.,.I Desrga and survzy labs ean be aeqnesled Io have lmes marked. Tlaese
Pubhc CduCIm(,n and Pm,m,m ,,,dW,y reane.-ls have a 5 working day noneeand me laellny owners can

hm Pmflm dmgmd K, Pmvm, pbysaeally mark me sue, proyrrle cop|2~ al maps al men raolmes or
damage In Illldnrground laemnes m P"’V'dE acres» to the" maps-

Alflbam-X Alflbflm 511': mm" Cl-*"tL‘"' Laaale rtquzsfs lo have undezgrnund laelllues marked can be made via
l~' to cmurv the wfcty 0! tllrlw wmkmz lelepbone, mlemel or smart phone mobile app.

and Ilvlng near undcxgmund laellmes

Wm. my mMm,,. m.v..y,1,ou;d Alabama 311 allenrls nearly 100 evems, pnbllslaes over1lJO ameles and
am" a5 Wan a,. ,,,m,,d,,.K,,. and publication advenlsemems, places over 300 broarleasl merlla adverrislng
.m,,,,,,5 an hm, .0 am,,,,P1,,.h ,},,,I 0“, and publishes 24 direct publicatlons annually all lor me sole purpose of
W] .,. m do .1“, m I‘ },,5},;,, agmm. edneallng Excavators, facility owners and laomeawners abanl damage
and Cfficlcnk manner. Our 40 year lasmry Pmvmfinn

~PL‘ak~' to Ihh 50:11 and WW 35'1"!’ 10 Alabama 311 eonduns children's erlueallon programs to edueale me
"““‘ ”‘“ "°°d* "‘ °‘" "‘°"‘b°“ W‘ W‘ next generanon abanl damage prevenlmn anrl melr role as damage
cxczl\'r1l|ng eommnmry. 6 Pmvmfim advmm

Tar mam luflvrlvtnflnli, am: xllwln rl[l!11.:'<ml A,a,mM m h ‘M m ‘he mmfing Enmmunw

U! :'<l1lMrl‘KllrI]uvl}l'll1.< tn‘ (ZUS) 7313205,

l/lmmlnbsalzlllmm. Alabama as one uf only mree scales that does nol have some type ol

reaulremenl lor fncllity owners to paltlcipnle m a one eall syslem. Q

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