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from the desk of
I ll centers, prevrously knuwn as one call centers, have been in
8upenltiun some 1955 when the first center opened in Rochester,
NY. Alabama's damage prevenliun programs began in 1975 as
, I  Z a juint venture between Alabama Power, Alabama cas anrl south
,5 _ , central Bell lt was only one year later that other iaclllty owners
3 m ' recogmzed the errectrveness of the one call program and more members
E, I began to join. smee 1975, Alabama 811 has gone from 3 members and
processrng 7,130 locate requests annually to nearly 420 members and
* proeessmg nearly 53tl,outl locate requests annually
Them rs strll oecasaonal conhrsron that Alabama all has held erews
that go out to the srte to maxk the raerhtres when the rrotrce rs glvzn ln
aetuahty, Alabama an rs strrctly a call eenter we talee the lnfunnallun
@_ ‘o trom the excavator, rletermrne which members have aslcerl to be notlfled
' “‘ In the area the work rs bemg pertormed and notify them of the proposed
. ' zxczlvatlon. The utrhty wlll senrl out locators to conrluct the physrral
W, marleangs at the srte. Our role is to provrrle a qulck anrl zfficlent proeess for
exczlvatuh and homeowners to use to make ”one call” to notrty affzctnd
tacrhty owners ln the area of therr proposed excavation srte
Our call eenter agents have a thorough trarnmg proeess betore golng "llv2”
on locate requests. They are momtorerl monthly for quality of the locate

requests they are proeessmg, the accuracy of the lnfnnnnllun obtarned and customer servaee
slulls. our call eenter agents each routmely proeess over we loeate requests rlarly

Alabama 811 prides rtselr as bemg a lcey player m the damage prevennon process and serrucmg
our members and the excavating community wrth topnoteh customer servrce, respect and care
our hope rs to finally reaoh a pornt that there are ZERO damages dunng excavallnn aetrvrtles
m Alabama to ensure the inlcgnty of the iarlllty, the servrces they provide and the wellbemg of
those who hve and work around thrs vrtal mtrastnretures.

Thank you to all the undergrounrl tacrhty owners who are members niAlr1bama an anrl all
those who utrhze the servrces as part of therr rledrcatron to damage preventron Thank you for a
very busy 2015 and wl: look rorwarrl to seemg what 2017 holds

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