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syslem will aulomalically assign tickets in lhe pmpzr

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permanent rzcmd of whal was done, and can he

gathered and used in lepons lo find when in lhe

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such as picnues DI’ movies ui lhe loealion, is another

aeeounlahilily lealule which can help in doeumenlalion

‘f damage °m"°' Our Features Include:

Reoarliiig and Incrzuszd Business Intzlhgence

Storing information in a .u.a,ae any. .0, repnrting ‘

on all tlcket dala iol husmess inlelligence pulposes. /Iniunnauon on damgc lzrcvunt-an news and wants
Analyzing various lepolls on drive and locale limes,

D! trend analysis where lame...  performed la. be ‘

reviewed using lninrrnatlnn lhal was sloled in a liekel /Cuuncral information alaoul Alabama 51]

managemenl syslem. ln some areas ui lhe country, a

and federal reports for High Cnmequence Areas (HCA). /Reference la current Alabama damage preventmn legaslaoan
Automating Positive lhspome ‘

E usin Korwzb, a mcess of osilive les onse can

be auloignaled lndudgng sendinlg an email, liax, ur “’“""" °°"" °”““ ‘“‘"“'““““’“

aulomaled phone call In lhe excavator. This has a huge

impact on lhe eiiiciency of yuur operations and also E /S“'"“" “ "‘”“‘“ ’““““‘

adds in lhe safety of lhe zxcnvztur knowing lhe liekel

has beenloealed p «uponle/Exleall lhe lilo aran Unsung
Kozwzb liekel managemenl syslem ean pmvide a lawn minus-

great deal or value lo even lhe smallesl company or El_@'£:§EI
municipalily. The value ean eome in lhe mm of saving    
lime, evidence in lhe ease ui damages, audiling lhe - _
work oi yuur iield staff, or iusl slaying complianl wilh E

one Call laws Technology nuw allows you lo become

an even mole pmductive urganlzatlnn, and an even

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KurTInn al 952-ass-1911, lllfu@korIIIrn mm or ulww,


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