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Common Cmund All1ancc(CCA) underground taethnes. How eaeh uuhty Change eomes, a1hen s1nw1y. Advzmc€~'
cnnrnaunteannns man, 21114 was the npemmr responds h gencmlly controlled In equipment and |e:h1mlogy ~'a\/2 In/as
most sneee-s.ru1 yL‘aI—tu—da1lc fox ea111111. by 1edera1 or state sta1n1es,regn1anons and prevant damages S|ate n.1es and
cum. and 1aws. restnenons do the same. liniorcenmnl
adv 111t1- 1d v
- Stakehnlden dnwnlnaded more man As we ennhnne wnh 1111,1'dhke tn :m::::;‘15k‘€  ;°‘f1"m m
12,uuu communI:a|Inn~' plan nmtenals see more enroreement at the state We W1 W‘mk P ‘
. C “W Y M I 1eve1. Al~o, we as II||l1|y eontraetnrs ‘ ‘
“ "°"‘ W “ Pme“ "“'““ and locatoh need tn pmwde hetter 2111 ea11een1ers don't stand alone. l'hev
In the number at v1sIt~' tram rno1n1e _ _ _ , 1
, educz1|Im\ [or owner/ operators ~o they are the resn1to1a1ong hrsnory wnh

dances and so pereenn growth In ntsns , , _ — _

reahae Lhzu they re not rea11y mtytng the own£r/ operators, govemment ennnes,
from tableh [ram Z013 |O ZUI4 ' ‘ _

1ow rate of only $5 per ucket when the.r exmvatoh, 1nea1ors and homennners.
- rhanks tn stakehn1derengagernent, Cm1|raclorhz1d to maki two ea11s dne |o 1n other words, a vfllage 'Il1€~'2 five
non ,,,.u.m mad” ,.,,,,,ee.,.,,.e Wm no pain! on the ground or m1sma1r!<ed stakehn1ders eonnnne to make, break
earned HI 21114 hnes and de1ayed wnrk Money saved and change the rn1es 1n addmon, a s.r1h

by shornents on the from end V/VI" ahnnst stakehn1der, the media, ean and W111 play
‘ If media e><1>t=~ur€ WW1 W“ a1ways ernne back to Lute vml on the an ever—£xpand|ng role In helpmg us
“““"“'“‘ 3*‘ “d"“"*'“5 ‘Pm’ "‘° “N baek end ' spread the message nt can setore You
would have been szu million ’ D‘

1.na11y, Evin the grezu sneeess of 5
"“ “'1 CW9" 4“ 3 W°““°“‘"‘ the Call Baiors You Dig program, more l('~' my hope—a1\d my bel1e[—thz1t the
wrvtce to the comm-tn-t,v and have homeowner awareness rs needed Mns| combined ettorns of these stakeholders
W9“ ‘“”“"*“ “"9” “'4 P“"““‘°d people st111 don't |hInk to ea111111 before and change1n|h£ years ahead w|lI
da-mse~'—b-1| the" 1*‘ S"1'"‘°t* '0 bi 1n~'lalI|ng a baekyard1enee,rnsta1hng continue to Improve rnn 1ndns1ry's
d‘’“‘ a n\a1Ibnx,pIant1ng a tree nr laymg .a saxety record and move our nauon tn
lrmgma ,,. "M M“ mm ,1“ l,,,a,d 0, paho. They .ns1 know lhe weekends a new level of nndergronnd uuhty
am acme. ,> C,,,m,,,y mm here and may want to get the ynb coI\s|rII:l1on satety. U
31* ‘°t'Pt°fit “"1 "°"t°t'1>mt=t <1" “°““ 5'"k‘“S “ “"5” “““ ““ ‘“'‘‘“ Clwrk Vmr  a,.a,nn..,,nta an 111
‘°“'°“t “Ch ""”“ “““‘“"”“ k'“‘°5“' "°m1""5 mm "‘m""“"”"”'"‘“g°‘ t1'11h'v</'11vHw.w11'11lt‘1 nan 1>(lV11';11)<!2U vtwr 1-11»
'*=%“d‘**~'r W1‘ WP? *7‘ It" Cm‘ “’ W“ "“‘°“" ‘""""' “"“" “““‘ “““ .1,.»,y13,  H111 lhmv
serves as a cnnduu tn noh1yut11.ty costs 1or t1ns reason, we need 10 brmz V d W , V 1 , —, k 1

_ _ A1 IW0mumimmonhemmdmy n.,n.nn. ts nnna nan. en. LUH YL
v1>mtvr~t1wt~0n1e Wtotextavattvtt ‘“ 91 muHMnIr11m1v'1»t:¢1m111111tum
rs gmng to occur In the vIuI\I|yo1‘ |he1r every lwmwwner»
Know what s below
Before you dig!
»'11».: 1H¥xM17.11d 1,11 i~E*,1. 1:11  W

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